How long have you been in business for?  Where are you located? 

I started my business in 1990, serving Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.  I started small, creating cakes and cookies for friends, but quickly transitioned to a commercial kitchen, with a commercial sized oven, mixers and refrigerators, allowing me to serve my growing customer base.  My shop is licensed and inspected by the Allegheny Board of Health, ensuring the highest quality cakes are created.  

I love celebrating life and special events.  I didn't intend to start a bakery, but I realized after a while, cake makes people happy.  I love seeing the smiles and happiness my cakes bring out in people, whether it's a first birthday, wedding cake or a 60th anniversary party.  

Why cakes?  Do you bake cookies, pies or cupcakes? 

I used to!  I started off baking cookies for weddings, however, I found my passion was in larger wedding cakes and some fun birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and all other types of joyous occasions.  I have a limited amount of cooler space.  Smaller pies, cupcakes, and cookies end up taking up space which I just don't have in my refrigerators due to the amount of space the larger cakes take up.  I can refer you to a number of good people I trust and work with often though. 

Have you taken any classes?  

I have taken a number of classes over the years, however, my best teacher was my mother.  My mom actually made wedding cakes too.  You could say we have had a family business for almost 40 years!  Before I started my business, I was an artist, specializing in sculpture and oil paints.  My artistic talents from paint and clay medium directly translated into pastry design. 

        Do you bake all the cakes yourself?  How about decorating the cakes?  

Yes!  I am a one woman shop.  All cakes are made fresh, never, ever frozen.  I hand decorate each cake and I have done so since I started.  It's enjoyable for me to bring a vision to life.  Maybe at some busy points, I could have hired someone, but to be honest, I am proud of my creations and I love to see my customers happy.   

My birthday is coming up around the corner and I'd like to order a cake.  How far in advance should I call you?

I typically ask that all orders be placed at least a week to two weeks in advance so I can plan your order.  Sometimes though, I can squeeze in an extra cake if you find that you're in a bind.  Feel free to give me a call, text, email, message, whatever method suits you! 

What about a wedding cake?  How far in advance should I book?

As early as you like to secure the date.  However, usually if you book 6 months in advance, you should be okay.   All you'll need is a deposit, the date and any relevant information to your venue and wedding cake vision.  

But what about a quick engagement?  I've created wedding cakes up to 10 days before the big day.  Give me a call and if I'm available, I'll do it! 

Each wedding cake is a custom design.  See my menu pages for cake flavors and fillings.  Each cake is custom designed to your wedding theme so please be sure to call for a detailed price quote.  All cakes are set-up by Debbie personally with finishing touches placed at the wedding venue.